Foley Collection Presentation and Deal

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Foley Collection Presentation and Deal

Post by foleycollection » October 29th, 2013, 3:52 am

We are Foley collection, a foley library company based in Madrid, Spain. We make great foley instruments for Kontakt. This is something all sound designers think about, and we do it in a professional way!

All our instruments are designed to sound in a ramdom way (NRSP; Natural Random Sample Playback), so that its sounds natural, not robotic or repetitive. They works also in VELOCITY zones: RUN, NORMAL WALK, AND QUICK WALK.

They also include footsteps stops and cloth gestures.

They can work together!! Thats great if you want several sounds for your characters. You can combine FOOTSTEPS, CLOUTHING and SEVERAL ADDONS.

FC Series works in KONTAKT (). This is the most powerfull sample ever created. We have studied the best workflow in postproduction, so if you want to use differents instruments in the same project you dont have to insert several plugins instances. Whit the internal programming of our instruments, you can Transpose MIDI messages to play all our instruments in differents Octaves of your keyboard! This is AWSOME!

Please watch our little tutorial to see how they works. Its simple, Its natural, and its REAL.

Foley Collection is what you have been waiting for all this time…



Save 25 euros this days with the purchase of our FC999 Total Foley Collection Pack!


Its very easy! Introduce this coupon in your cart or the checkout process: “HALLOWEENFC13

Don’t miss this great opportunity of getting all our instruments and save more than 80€!!

Remember that FC999 includes all the instruments present in our store: Footsteps, Clothing, Addons, Extra instruments…

Happy Halloween to everyone doing great Foley!!!

Foley Collection Team

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