Presenting Dirt HD Professional Sound Effects Collection

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Presenting Dirt HD Professional Sound Effects Collection

Post by The Recordist » December 19th, 2013, 7:20 pm


From the dirty mind of The Recordist comes a unique collection of totally organic, GMO free dirt sound effects recorded with ultra high frequency microphones. When pitched to extremes they sound unlike anything you have heard before. Sweeten your next explosive project with farm fresh North Idaho dirt.

Various types of dirt were recorded with many sound design applications in mind. Sand, gravel, topsoil, pebbles and crushed rock were thrown on to many types of surfaces such as grass, leaves, snow, wood, concrete, metal and stone. The sounds were captured with a close-up microphone along with a distant microphone in most cases. The session location determined whether multiple microphones were used so some tracks were recorded with a XY stereo pair or a single mono microphone.

One of the more crazy sessions involved throwing screened sand onto the metal roof of my barn and recording the exterior and interior. Other sessions required tossing sand onto a wood deck, dumping large amounts of gravel down a hillside with a tractor, throwing sand onto a bed of dry leaves and dropping chunks of clay on the ground. One of the most fascinating sounds recorded was the sound of sand flying by the microphone and swishing onto the ground. These sounds are soft and subtle but make perfect sweeteners for explosions and other debris spraying effects.

What would a dirt sound library be without the sounds of a shovel and a coffin. Yep, they’re in there.

As a child I played in the dirt. As a teenager I worked in the dirt. My Grandfather was a farmer in the dirt and my family owned a trucking company that hauled dirt. So, it seems fitting the I would record the sound of dirt. Don’t you think? Enjoy! -Frank

Dirt HD • Files: 78 (400+) • Zip Size: 632.8MB • Price: $50.00 • Sale: $40.00 (Save $10.00)

Introductory price ends midnight PST Saturday, December 21, 2013

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