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Hzandbits Sound Effects

Post by chagelskjaer » April 15th, 2014, 12:58 pm

Hi, my name is Christian Hagelskjaer from Hzandbits Sound Effects.

I offer a growing number of small(ish) but focused sfx collections ranging from ambiences to specifics - realistic to abstract.
Current collections of interest to the film/gamesound crowd are:
  • - Excited Electrons - Screeching, crackling, warbling sounds from household electronics - captured with coil pickups. Everything from in-your-face weirdness, to great background textures.
    - Bells & Bowls - Glass & ceramic objects with bell-like tones. Lots of variation, shimmery - even atonal stuff.
    - Hvac Drones & Tones - Hvac flavored ambiences and drones/specifics - many are looping.
    - Modern Cash Register - Full coverage of a cash register built in this century (no ka-ching sounds here).
    - Rubber Stamps - All the rubber stamps (self-inking and not) you could ever bear listening to. Lots of mechanical ka-chunk there.
    - Metal Bars & Bells - Things that aren't bells, but sound somewhat like it. Some very beautiful sounds here.
    - Cylindrical Gong - A plethora of sounds from one particularly expressive gong-like metal object.
BTW - to get a 1-time 50% off discount-code for everything in the store, just sign up for my email newsletter. It's decidedly un-spammy - just sfx.

I'm continuously working on more collections, so drop by now and then.

Christian Hagelskjaer | Hzandbits Sound Effects

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