Undertone Sound Library - Superior National Forest Package

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Undertone Sound Library - Superior National Forest Package

Post by undertone » July 18th, 2018, 1:25 pm

We have long dreamed of recording in Superior National Forest. Took some effort to get to it with a long car drive and a long hike. As you can hear, well worth it!

The outer rims of the forest areas we went to were highly deciduous: Mountain Ash, Aspen, and paper Birch. Most of these recordings feature these leaves rattling and clacking in the wind. This library will be good for any breezy “wind-in-the-trees” day. There are also sections with very sparse bird life which can form a great bed for a scene where you can add the appropriate amount of bird and animal life you want. Other sections are busier, but no bird parties here! Mostly you will hear : swallows, nuthatches, thrushes and chickadees. Occasionally in the distance a goose. Interestingly, in a couple of spots there are one or two frog croaks and nothing more. Never heard that before. In one clearing, there are three major instances of day crickets.

We also happened upon a beautiful stream that we recorded 3 different perspectives of. We often have scenes with distant streams and rivers; we think these will be very useful for those. Lastly, we happened upon a strong river current and a small set of falls. Most if us know that falls almost always come out as “white noise” but these had the benefit of a full river in front of and after it.

All files are embedded with comprehensive metadata for optimal use in Soundminer, Basehead, Pro Tools Workspace, and more!

This product contains 28 audio files.

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