Undertone Sound Library - Quad Seasons Pack

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Undertone Sound Library - Quad Seasons Pack

Post by undertone » February 25th, 2019, 2:30 pm

We collected together four of our natural ambience libraries available in Quad channel format to represent the diversity of the seasons, and save you $25 in the process. Our new Quad Seasons Pack is a great way to get a diverse collection of ambiences in one go!

Libraries included are:
  • Prairies and Small Forests 2 – This is a beautiful collection of long stretches of prairie grass life just in front of a small forest.
  • Young Forest in Spring – A great basic canvas for outdoor scenes. There is some branch movement, but very little to no leaf sound and sparse bird life.
  • Winter Forests – Many of these recordings have a great frozen stillness to them, but listen long enough and you'll hear the subtle shifts of the winter world.
  • Grassland Prairies – Recorded on a hot day in August, these places are teeming with life. Grass blowing, crickets, bird songs, bird calls.
And if you’ve already purchased at least 2 of these libraries, you can contact us and we’ll work out a pro-rated deal for you.


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