F16 Maneuvers - A New SFX library by Sound Ex Machina

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F16 Maneuvers - A New SFX library by Sound Ex Machina

Post by Kostas_Loukovikas » March 15th, 2019, 11:19 am


Hi all!

We’re happy to announce our latest library ‘F16 Maneuvers’. Inside you’ll find 36 recordings of an F16 Fighter jet, captured at three different locations from the ground perspective. In addition to those, we included :

- 22 flight formation (up to six aircrafts), designed using Sound Particles 3D software.
- 8 recordings captured using contact microphones, attached on a nearby parked vehicle, leading up to some low tones and rumbles
- 4 mixing sessions, combining ambient and contact mic recordings of high-speed passes and maneuvers.

Listen to the Audio Previews
https://soundcloud.com/soundexmachina/s ... -maneuvers

The library comes with 30%OFF for a limited time and a free “Lite” version to get a better look into what it’s like (newsletter sign up required).

Hope you like it!
Find out more here: https://soundexmachina.com/library/f16-maneuvers

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