Chris Sweetman presents Interesting Interiors

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Chris Sweetman presents Interesting Interiors

Post by samueljustice » May 18th, 2014, 11:23 pm

Hey guys - just released a new library for 15GBP (25USD) titled "Chris Sweetman presents Interesting Interiors"

It is available here - ... interiors/

Chris has also taken part in an interview at about his history as a sound designer and field recordist - ... interiors/
Chris Sweetman; sound designer and audio director with over 2 decades of experience in both the film and games industry (with credits for titles such as Fortnite(VG), The Forest(VG), Brink(VG), Burnout Paradise(VG), Twelve Monkeys and Goldeneye) presents Interesting Interiors. This is a collection of recordings that Chris has hand picked from his personal recordings, they are a selection of interesting beds, ambience’s and interior sounds that provide a malleable base for sound designers to create on. Containing both real and surreal sounds to play with.

This collection includes 3 rare recordings of the derelict Star Wars stage at Elstree before its demolition in 1995, the recording is a fantastic bed for large space interiors thanks to the detail, air and width the sound provides. Other recordings include large drills from an interior perspective that could be mistaken for huge alarms or horns, an extremely detailed sewer recording, rain falling down an elevator shaft and much more.

Download is zip archive (2.14gb, unzipped 2.39gb) containing files delivered in wav at 96khz 24bit with full BWAV metadata. ... ew/s-aFwvS


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