Baby Sounds - A New SFX library by Sound Ex Machina

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Baby Sounds - A New SFX library by Sound Ex Machina

Post by Kostas_Loukovikas » May 24th, 2019, 4:42 am


We’re happy to announce our latest library ‘BABY SOUNDS’. The library includes 160 HQ (24bit/96kHz) indoor recordings of newborn, infant, toddler laughs, sighs, screams, whimpers, giggles, and cries. All captured in real-life conditions, over a 14-month period.

Apart from the profound pre-speech vocalizations, you’ll also find cute recordings of a suckling pacifier, baby farts, breathing, breastfeeding and sneezing that will help your foleying character become more realistic and lifelike. Overall, the collection caters to projects in need for authentic newborn/ infant/ toddler boy vocal expressions.

Listen to the Audio Preview ... io-preview

This library can be used to dub a character or serve as unique source of inspiration in the process of designing new creature.


Post production and curation applied
The sounds were captured using stealth recording techniques only. As one might guess, such methods don’t always render the results that controlled recording environments do. That said, post-production and curation have worked wonders for this library!

Non-specific language identity
The cultural/language identity of this library is non-specific, making it adaptable and suitable for universal use.

Detailed metadata embedded
Each sound has detailed Soundminer metadata, that can be read by various applications and services, making it easy to locate and edit.

  • 160 royalty-free files in total
  • 24bit/96kHz in stereo .wav format
  • Library size is 3 GB (unzipped)
  • PDF, XLS files included
  • All files embedded with Soundminer metadata
  • Total Duration: 85 minutes
You can view the full track list by downloading the metadata in PDF format, here: ... t.pdf?dl=0

The sounds are royalty-free and licensed to you under this license agreement: ... s.pdf?dl=0

The library comes with 30%OFF for a limited time and a free “Lite” version to get a better look into what it’s like (newsletter sign up required).

Hope you like it!
Find out more here:

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