River Flows: Over & Under - A New SFX library by Sound Ex Machina

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River Flows: Over & Under - A New SFX library by Sound Ex Machina

Post by Kostas_Loukovikas » September 11th, 2019, 4:20 am


We’re excited to announce our latest library ‘RIVER FLOWS: OVER & UNDER’. This time we bring running river sounds, captured over and under the surface. It features 80 HQ audio files, ranging from cascading waterfalls to running rivers and babbling brooks and creeks. The total duration of the collection is 4 hours with the majority of the recordings captured during wintertime, which makes them uniquely free from any bird and insect audio backdrop.

Listen to the Audio Previews
https://soundcloud.com/soundexmachina/r ... rt-version
https://soundcloud.com/soundexmachina/r ... ed-version

Overall, the collection caters to projects that require environmental sounds of flowing, emerging/submerging bodies of water as well as underwater ambiences.

And what a bonus! We included 20 designed sounds of otherworldly, evolving aquatic ambiences, designed using our source recordings of River Flows library. We passed them through Pitch Shifters, Filtering, Eqs and Sculpting effects like Reformer by Krotos, Granular Synthesis Plugin by The Mangle, and the 3D Audio Software, Sound Particles. Check out the audio preview below of what’s included:

https://soundcloud.com/soundexmachina/a ... d-material

This library comes along with 15 Soundminer Metadata fields, such as description, keywords, category/sub-category, microphone specifications, and more.

Watch the Video Teaser


The sounds have been minimally processed and intended to serve not only projects that need raw-sounding samples but also those in need of raw material and sculpting new sounds.

All the content has been recorded during the winter, which makes them uniquely free from any bird and insect audio backdrop.

Each sound includes detailed Soundminer Metadata, that can be read by various applications and services, making them very easy to locate and edit.

  • 100 royalty-free files in total
  • 24bit/96kHz in stereo and mono .wav format
  • Library size is 6.5 GB (unzipped)
  • PDF, XLS files included
  • All files embedded with Soundminer metadata
  • Duration: 242 minutes in total
  • About half of the sounds in the library have been edited to loop seamlessly
  • Average Integrated Loudness: -27.6 LUFS
You can view the full track list by downloading the metadata in PDF format, here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/8r9t7vgr77br4 ... t.pdf?dl=0

The sounds are royalty-free and licensed to you under this license agreement:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymqd1u32igaqo ... s.pdf?dl=0

The library comes with 35%OFF for a limited time and a free “Lite” version to get a better look into what it’s like (newsletter sign up required).

Hope you like it!
Find out more here: https://soundexmachina.com/library/rive ... -and-under

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