"Implosion" - An Explosive Building Demolition Library

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"Implosion" - An Explosive Building Demolition Library

Post by stosht » November 18th, 2019, 8:53 pm

Happy to announce "Implosion" is available now :D

https://www.collectedtransients.com/pro ... d-effects/

Implosion is a sound effects collection of buildings being destroyed with explosives. It features 10 unique building implosions recorded across the country. Each implosion is recorded with 4 to 14 channels of audio. To offer multiple perspectives, mics were placed as close as 50m (~150ft) and as far away as 600m (~2000ft) from the various explosive demolitions.

Each building implosion includes multiple useful sound effects featuring various mixes of microphones and perspectives:
  • Full: All microphones from all distances and perspectives mixed together in a way that fully captures the best qualities of the implosion
  • Main: A mix of the main microphones. True to the experience of witnessing the implosion in person
  • Mono: A straight shotgun mic recording with less reflections from surroundings
  • Distant: Mics left to record at varying distances from the implosion, capturing thundering tails and reflections
  • Alternate Perspectives: From reverberant parking garages and reflections behind buildings, to extra close or distant recordings
Each sound effect in Implosion is provided in two formats: Processed and Edited
  • Processed means the various mic layers are dynamically processed with compressors/limiters to bring out the best elements from each implosion. Volume automation and light EQ are used to enhance the sounds of rubble as the buildings collapse, which can get lost in the extremely loud explosions.
  • Edited means the only only thing done is global gain adjustment to each mic layer of the sound effect. No plugins are used and the full dynamic range of the original recordings are retained. Great for the times you need more control in your sound design.

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