Undertone Sound Library - New - Northwoods Cabin

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Undertone Sound Library - New - Northwoods Cabin

Post by undertone » August 24th, 2015, 10:47 am

http://undertonesoundlibrary.com/produc ... ods-cabin/

This a small collection of outdoor ambiences around 2 different cabins in different types of forests in Northern Wisconsin. We covered both daytime and nighttime and in one case, got up at the crack of dawn — 5AM! — to record. Most of the recordings are fairly sparse, but the dawn recording is quite busy.

One of the cabins was surrounded by pine a forest and on a small lake (See pictures). From here you will hear gentle to gusty pine forest wind, occasional birds and from the nighttime recordings, great frog and loon sounds along with some water lapping against a boat’s gas can. The lake was extremely calm. This set of sounds in STEREO ONLY (files are marked).

The other was a newer building in a more deciduous forest surrounded by grasses (see photos). This set features occasional birds, lots of wind, and the occasional distant coyote. This set of sounds was recorded double-ORTF QUAD (files are marked).

The pine forest cabin collection is stereo 24/96 (Schoeps CMC6|MK4 ORTF).

The deciduous forest cabin collection is QUAD 24/96 (Schoeps CMC6|MK4 Double-ORTF).

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