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Shapingwaves - Sound Collections

Post by Shapingwaves » November 10th, 2015, 12:30 pm

We have a couple of new sound collections available at
96 kHz / 24 bit BWAV, Detailed Soundminer embedded Metadata.

Here is what is currently available:

LETTERPRESS - Mechanical sounds of antique german printing machines - 2.6 GB
ATHENS ROOFTOP The vibrant ambience of Athens captured from a rooftop - 3.7 GB
ALARMS All alarms, beeps, buzzers and sirens you will ever need - 4.4 GB
ROBOT VOICES Designed vocal expressions of 50 unique, talkative robot characters - 1.0 GB
NEW YORK New York ambiences, 55 indoor and outdoor locations throughout the city - 5.8 GB
BERLIN BALCONY Traffic atmospheres recorded from a balcony in Berlin at different times and weather conditions - 2.8 GB
WENDLAND AUTUMN 3+ hours of rural autumn atmospheres, recorded in the Wendland region of Germany - 5.5 GB
CIRCUITS Static, buzz, hum and other sounds of electricity - 730 MB
QUADCOPTER Close-up engine and rotor sounds of the DJI Phantom 2 multirotor quadcopter - 2.5 GB
PLANETS Designed soundscapes of imaginary planets - 1.3 GB
AIR TRAVEL Ambiences of international airports and in-flight recordings of commercial airliners - 5.0 GB
8-BIT GAMES Classic retro game sound effects and music cues - 1.0 GB

More to come!

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