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New "rOtation" SFX Library from Collected Transients

Posted: March 3rd, 2016, 11:48 pm
by stosht
Hi guys!

Recently released "rOtation", a SFX library built for sound design. You can read all about it below :)



rOtation is a sound effects library built for sound design centered around things that spin. It contains nearly 200 exceptional sounds and is the first of its kind. If you’re looking for brand new sound design source material, rOtation is the ticket.

Several months of research and recording has led to this very unique collection. It’s props range from ball bearings to trash cans; magnets to fireworks; water to nuts… all in the realm of rotation. It contains sounds of things that have never been included in a sound effects library before. The sound of a Euler’s Disk speeding up exponentially fast… The whir and chatter of Hurricane balls spinning to 5000+ RPM… Nuts and quarters zipping and buzzing by in a rumbling balloon… The power of neodymium magnets bending the tones of vibrating glass…

It’s all there; recorded at high sample rates to be stretched, bent, and molded into your next creation. Check out some samples: ... on-samples