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By MikeQuell
Hey, everyone! It's a holiday weekend here in the States. I'm going to push the deadline through until early next week. Let's shoot for Tuesday morning!

By imgoinmad
Thanks for the extension Mike, I missed that message but still got a submission sent yesterday. Thanks again for organizing another one of these! Hope you have a great holiday :)
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By MikeQuell
Hi all!

Just to give you another heads up, I've been a bit busy lately. My apologies!

I've received all your submissions and am really hoping to have everything ready to go by next weekend for you all to download. Hang tight and thanks for contributing!
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By MikeQuell
Alrighty! Everyone that should have an invite! Please download at your earliest convenience.

By djkrayz
Thanks everyone can't wait to check out all the good! Lets already get the next one rolling please :)