Alan Howarth On His Key Works

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Alan Howarth On His Key Works

Post by MikeQuell » November 14th, 2015, 1:05 pm

I really awsome read with Alan Howarth (

On the sound of the girl's voice in Poltergeist:
So I took the little girl’s voice and put it backwards through the tape recorder into some spring reverb and fooled with the speeds on the eight-track and recorded two backwards passes. Then I put another version going out to the surround, so that each word kind of passed through the room a bit like a Doppler effect. I turned that in and I was saved – that became the effect in the movie. Now that’s iconic – whenever you do a voice from another dimension that’s exactly the sound you do, you hear it in a million movies. I eventually talked to the engineer from that Led Zeppelin session and it was actually headphone bleed – there was another take running on headphones on the floor and it bled into Robert Plant’s recording. They loved it so they kept it.
The whole interview can be read here: ... m-new-york

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