The Verge's write up on the sound for "Gravity"

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The Verge's write up on the sound for "Gravity"

Post by MikeQuell » October 10th, 2013, 10:17 am

Here: ... ip-lievsay

A nice article from The Verge. They talk about developing the aesthetic for the film, how it was mixed, and the music composition. The SoundWorks Collection videos are also there.

Here are a couple good bits from it:
[Sound] is like a comfort layer that we all take for granted, you know? It helps us figure out which way to turn if we hear a car coming. We can hear that. There’s like a whole layer of things that we day-to-day deal with via sound, where we get our input directly from sound. And when you remove that, it’s like a huge safety net that you’re removing.

- Skip Lievsay
Nicholas Becker visited a studio outside Paris where they submerged guitars in water. Recording with underwater microphones called hydrophones as well as contact mics, they rubbed different items along the guitar strings.

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